What is Accreditation ?

Accreditation is a process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented. Hence they are sometimes known as "accredited certification bodies".[2]The accreditation process ensures that their certification practices are acceptable, typically meaning that they are competent to test and certify third parties, behave ethically and employ suitable quality assurance.

Accreditation also safe guards the future of the students and visualizes the core competency of a degree program offered by the respective university. It is a process of preparing self assessment report of programs in order to streamline the education standards. There are Accreditation Councils which are formed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and the federal Government of Pakistan.

The Accreditation Councils are serving the purpose of ensuring quality of the programs offered at institutional level. There are 9 independent professional councils while 4 councils have been established under Higher Education Commission. According to the Powers and Functions of the Commission as stated in Ordinance No. LIII of 2002, Para 10, Clause e “the Higher Education Commission may set up national or regional evaluation councils or authorize any existing council or similar body to carry out accreditation of Institutions including their departments, facilities and disciplines by giving them appropriate ratings. The Commission shall help build capacity of existing councils or bodies in order to enhance the reliability of the evaluation carried out by them.”

Existing Accreditation Councils/Professional Bodies :

  • Pakistan Bar Council (PBC)
  • Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners (PCATP)
  • Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  • Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC)
  • Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC)
  • Pakistan Pharmacy Council (PCP)
  • Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC)
  • National Council for Homoeopathy (NCH)
  • National Council for Tibb (NCT)

Accreditation Councils Established by HEC :

Pakistan engineering Council (PEC)

The Batches for the year 2008,2009 & 2010 have been granted Accreditation by the Pakistan Engineering Council.

National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC)

The Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology, Department of Computing & Technology BS Computer Science program is now accredited by the National Computing Education Accreditation Council NCEAC,

National Accreditation Council for Teachers Education (NACTE)

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Education B.Ed & M.Ed Programs are also now accredited by the National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education NACTE.

National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC)

The Faculty of Management Sciences at Indus University is currently going through the process of Self Assessment of Performa’s according to Rubric Formats prescribed by the National Business Education Accreditation Council NBEAC.

National Technology Council (NTC)

The Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology, Department of Sciences & Technology