Convocation Indus University

“Congratulations graduate! Wishing you the best of luck in the future”

The convocation is one of the most auspicious occasions for the University, teachers, students and their families who support them in their path of life to become educated and responsible citizens of the society.

This is the time they move to the practical world and test their skills and knowledge which they learned during their journey at Indus University as a student. Amidst the whirring of cameras and the clicking of shutters, Indus University is planning to organize its 8th convocation in 21 April, 2018 for its fresh batch of graduates who will celebrate the highest point in their academic journey.

“Learn Well to Live Well” the theme of Indus University and 5th Graduation Ceremony that is chosen to instill belief in each student that they have it within themselves to achieve their goals to live well. Indus University previously hosted seven convocations i.e. 19/01/2009, 09/12/2009, 15/01/2011, 24/12/2011, 31/12/2014, 19/12/2015 and 22/03/2017 respectively for thousands of graduates, where they shared their joy with their family and friends.

Like previous convocation ceremonies, this year the fresh graduates would also flood out with company of good friends and their families, snatches of conversation, share their memories, exchange contact details as well as promise to meet up, even across borders.

As the ceremonies commenced, to wrap up their years of sweat and toil in Indus University, the ceremony will be graced by a Guest Speaker, describing what each individual should possess while graduates carve out their degrees.

A short video capturing would also be done by the students taking encouraging messages from the students and Indus family wishing the graduating students a best of luck in their future. The ceremony would also be covered by the electronic and print media followed by an exquisite dinner.

As well said by B.F. Skinner that "Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten."

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