Introduction to Faculty of Art & Design, Indus University

Design Development subjects are fundamental in modern society and their study lead to exciting and diverse opportunities in worldwide industry, where professionals involve at every step – from first idea and conception to production and retail. That makes industry full of interesting and imaginative careers in Designing, Styling, Printing, Film Making, advertisement and interactive media.

Our Department offers a strong foundation in traditional and modern approaches to the field. The programs are developed to be an exciting and challenging experience for our students and provide original and inspired learning environment with the objective of creating dynamic and talented graduates prepared to build up a career path in their respective field.

We provide a range of facilities including professional, well-equipped studious for weaving, sewing, draping, printing & media.

Our vision is to be one of the finest and premier institutions in the sphere of Art and Design. We are committed to foster a comprehensive multi-disciplinary environment for research and practice. We are adamant on offering elite system for the fresh minds and assist them to be the best of themselves in the four years journey in our institution and beyond.

The mission of the Faculty of Art & Design is to polish the aspiring artists, designers and art historians with professional training and also prepare students for further study and careers in Art History, Graphic Design, Art Education, Fashion Designing, Printmaking, Interior Designing, media studies & related fields. Moreover, the outmost priority is to prepare the students according to the current industrial demands, by delivering them with updated course context. Furthermore, our mission is to engage both traditional and emerging forms, embrace technology and the sensory nature of art making, research and creative activities that generate new knowledge and applications for effective practice.

• Enhance and articulate the mission and purpose of the Faculty of Art and Design to strengthen awareness of the distinctive character of its programs.

• Collaborate with industries and help students to link what they study with real life situations, to make their learning stronger.

• To make them question and develop curiosity and thereby gain knowledge.

• Develop/Expand/Implement innovative undergraduate and graduate programs that involve students in creative problem solving and academic excellence in order to graduate artists, designers, and scholars who are engaged in the changing roles of art and design in the world.

• Provide platform for their creative thinking.

• Develop and sustain collaborative initiatives and encourage creative relationships among art students and professionals that lead to new knowledge and learning opportunities.

• Aid in developing their leadership abilities through Seminars and Conferences.

• Develop a comprehensive strategy for supporting creative activity and research.

• Foster an understanding of the role of art as a generative agent within society in order to prepare individual students to be engaged, critical, and productive citizens.

• Construct a technology-rich arts center with flexible, state-of-the-arts spaces that will allow for traditional and innovative performances.

S.N Name Designation
01 Ms. Sana Gul Chairperson of the teaching departments concerned
02 Acting Dean All Professors and Associate Professors in the Teaching Department Concerned
03 Mr. Satia Anand
Mr. Imtiaz Hussain
Ms. Zoha Jaffery
Ms. Kanwal Bashir
Ms. Fareesa Javed
Ms. Anadil Ali
University Teachers, other than Professor or Associated Professor, to be appointed by the Academic Council
04 Mr. Shehreyar Sabzwari (Textile Designer)
Expert from Textile Styles

Ms. Eman Binte Syed (Media Science)
Expert from: COE at SERMAD Filmmaker & Academician

Saeed ud Din Ahmed (Architect)
Expert From: Assistant Professor NED University

Ms. Javeria Hassan
Expert from Senior Fashion Designer & Senior Lecturer Karachi School of Art
Two experts, other than University Teachers to be appointed by the Vice Chancellor