FBAC’s Research Centre will create a research based environment not only at the FBAC but also at the Indus University by increasing the numbers of research faculty who con increase their volumes of publications and adopt the research based teaching in the field of management and social sciences with a focus at the social development.


FBAC’s Research Centre is striving to develop a research environment byengaging the students and faculties in exploring the new field of studies and creating the body of knowledge. The environment is being created basing on the academic and applied research for the solution to the issues of industrial and academic nature by using the available intellectual and physical resources of Indus University.


The centreis being operated to achieve the following objectives.

  • To prepare the faculty and students to take the responsibility of producing research independently.
  • To undertake empirical investigations as well as qualitative research in multi-sectoral disciplines for developing a liveable society.
  • To provide training to the research faculty of the universities and to the Executives working in the related field of local industries.
  • To establish a network of research based local and international institutions for sharing knowledge and scientific breakthrough in the field of business and commerce.
  • To provide research based services to the national and international organizations for solving their business and social issues at moderate charges.