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Message by the Dean

The Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology (FEST) welcome you all. The FEST is exceptionally poised to deliver technological leaders of tomorrow. Our aim is to elevate the youth to the position of future engineers, scientists, technologists, problem solvers, project leaders, communicators and ethical citizens who can lead the global community. We are extremely proud of our Faculty members, leaders, and thinkers who are striving at their best to make the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology successful in its vision. I am pleased to be part of a team of people who are driven not only at making something happen, but making something exceptionally different. Here, at Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, Indus University, we enthuse dreams, nurture minds, ignite inquisitiveness, and define the promise of tomorrow.

Prof. Dr. Engr. Ahmed Muddassir Khan


The vision of the Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology is to become a nationally and internationally recognized leading faculty aimed for excellence in undergraduate and postgraduate quality education and research in all disciplines through continued process of curriculum development, establishment of state-of-the-art experimental and computational laboratories, development of comprehensive instructional delivery system through qualified, experienced faculty and scholarly research activities enabling graduates to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for immediate employment, continued career advancement and useful contributions for the benefit of the society and improvement of the relevant and also multidisciplinary engineering profession and also to be recognized as a valuable collaborative partner to local industries.

The mission of the Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology is to support the commitments of Indus University’s guiding principles of quality education through interactive and innovative learning and research environment, striving for excellence in performance and development of professional skills, fostering creativity and novelty.

Additionally, our mission is to strive for training of the Electrical, Power, Electronics, Telecommunication, Computer Systems, Civil, Textile, Mechatronics, Energy and Environment students to make them professionally sound engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, managers and academicians possessive of sense of societal norms, professional morals and leadership qualities to cater for the challenges of relative engineering profession through logical and novel thinking for the betterment of humanity and to serve the industry needs through focus and emphasis on practical applications, hands-on experiences and laboratory works.

Furthermore, the design of Programs of Faculty of Engineering, Science & Technology is articulate to train students to be able to plan, design, produce, maintain and handle electronic, electrical telecommunication and computer systems, equipments and components with creativity and critical spirit in the technological development and also to gear-up the relevant Engineers to become a leader in providing quality professional services through dynamic and innovative education, research and consultancy for the benefits and advancement of their profession and progress of the nation.

S.N Name Designation
01 Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Engr. Ahmed Muddassir Khan
02 All Professors and Associate Professors in the Teaching Department concerned Prof. Dr. Engr. Ahmed Muddassir Khan
Engr. Prof. Dr. Asim ur Rehman Khan
Engr. Dr. Zahid Ali Arain
03 University Teachers, other than Professor or Associated Professor, to be appointed by the Academic Council Engr. Dr. Danish Khan
Engr. Dr. Urfa Rasool
Engr. Dr. Nadar hussain Khokhar
Engr. Dr. Mehwish Manzoor
Engr. Sayed Shoaib Zaidi
Engr. Sajid Ahmed
Engr. Ali Zain ul Abdin
Engr. Zain ul Abidin
Engr. Muhammad Ali Noman
Engr. Baqar Hussain
Engr. Saeed Ahmed
04 Expert(s), other than University Teacher to be appointed by the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Engr. Muhammad Amir Associate Professor, (Sir Syed UET Karachi).
Dr. Lubna Moin, Assistant Professor, NUST, Karachi.
Engr. Abdul Rehman Sheikh, (Senior Manager PTCL Industry Representative).
05 Invited Members Mr. Ayaz Ahmed Panhwar (Director Academics)
Miss Sheema Hyder (Director QEC)