Introduction to Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has offered its first course Doctor of Physical Therapy program , with a vast vision to offer the course with best clinical training and research opportunities in a range of scientific and clinical disciplines to benefit the students.

Our Faculty has an important role in delivering knowledge and discoveries to guarantee healthy professional future. We strive to deliver research-led teaching in high-quality facilities and the venture is supported by the professionals.

To serve humanity and build a healthy society by providing evidence based health care facilities to all regardless of gender, race and religion.

As WHO define health that it is state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease, so we not only focused on delivery of medical services but also want to thrive society by providing a platform of health care education, learning and this context we established the first department, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences (DPTRS).

S.N Name Designation
01 Chairperson of the teaching departments concerned Dr. Okasha Anjum (PT)
02 University Teachers, other than Professor or Associated Professor, to be appointed by the Academic Council Dr. Paras Ayaz (PT)
Dr. Shama Rani (PT)
Dr. Hira Ahmed (PT)
03 Expert(s), other than University Teachers to be appointed by the Vice Chancellor Mr. Ayaz Panhwar (Director Academics)
Ms. Sheema Haider (Director QEC)
Ms. Arisha Maham (Deputy Director QEC)
04 Invited Members (Out Campus) Dr. Saeed Ahktar (PT)
HOD/Asst. Professor SIPM&R