Introduction to Faculty of Health and Medical Science

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has offered its first course Doctor of Physical Therapy program , with a vast vision to offer the course with best clinical training and research opportunities in a range of scientific and clinical disciplines to benefit the students.

Our Faculty has an important role in delivering knowledge and discoveries to guarantee healthy professional future. We strive to deliver research-led teaching in high-quality facilities and the venture is supported by the professionals.

Our vision is to be one of the finest and premier institutions in the sphere of Art and Design. We are committed to transform students to creative and dynamic professionals.

The mission of the Faculty of Art and Design is to provide vibrant learning environment and training inspired by pragmatic research. Our faculty and staff are determined to prepare students to serve the needs of country and diverse community.

S.N Name Designation
01 Dr. Raees Ahmed Inchair
02 Ms. Sana Gul Chairperson
03 Mr. Aamyre Tariq(Fashion/Textile) Expert from M/s. Creative Head at Kapray (Clothing Brand)
04 Mr. Fahad Shams (Interior /Architecture) Expert from M/s. Senior Lecturer at Mehran University Engineering & Technology
05 Ms. Tehmina Lodhi (Media Science) Expert from M/s. Head of Media Science Department &Principal at Beconhouse College
06 Lecturer: Ms. Dure Shahwar Faculty Member of Fashion Design
07 Lecturer: Ms. Tahira Hamid Faculty Member of Textile Design
08 Lecturer: Mr. Satia Anand Faculty Member of Interior Design
09 Lecturer: Mr. Imtiaz Hussain Faculty Member of Media Science
10 Mr. Ayaz Ahmed (Director Academics) Member
11 Ms. Sheema Haider Director (QEC IU) Faculty Member of Media Science
12 Mr. Faisal Amin (Director Admin) Member